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In the past PSA Wasserarmaturen GmbH presented for Christmas little gifts to all our customers and business friends in order to thank them for all the positve occurances and to recall those into memory to us as well as to them.


But each year in the past we had to fight against the feeling that there might be a better way to spend this money and possible do something with these funds which really makes sense.


For this reason the PSA Wasserarmaturen GmbH decided to place a charitable donation instead of sending many gifts. This way we will be able to help people who are really in need.


After some research the following newspaper article drew our attention to it:



And it was able to convince us (the PSA Wasserarmaturen GmbH) to make a donation for this project, since it supports people (children) in need as well as granting potable water, which is of great importance for us as a company of the potable water branch by construction a new well for the orphanage in Galle.


One other reason for the decision was the fact, that 100% of the money that we give to the association Kinderhilfeprojekt Galle e.V. actually reaches the children and none goes into the association itself.


Finally on December 11th, 2009 the check was handed over.



So now the building of the well can be started and the orphans in Galle will have fresh, potable water again.

In case you wish to make yourself a picture of the construction progresses or to support the association Kinderhilfeprojekt Galle e.V. yourself, please follow this link:





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